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Hot Pressure Washer HD 6/14C

Hot Pressure Washer HD 6…

34331,25 Bs.
Discount: -3121,02 Bs.
Dry/Wet Vacuum Cleaner WD 5500

Dry/Wet Vacuum Cleaner W…

5078,80 Bs.
Discount: -461,71 Bs.
High pressure washer HD 6/16 Karcher

High pressure washer HD …

19272,32 Bs.
Discount: -1752,03 Bs.
Hot Pressure Washer HDS 12/15

Hot Pressure Washer HDS …

44474,58 Bs.
Discount: -4043,14 Bs.
High pressure washer HD 605

High pressure washer HD …

7802,55 Bs.
Discount: -709,32 Bs.
High pressure washer HD 585

High pressure washer HD …

6600,97 Bs.
Discount: -600,09 Bs.
Pressure Washer K 3550 Karcher

Pressure Washer K 3550 K…

3538,51 Bs.
Discount: -321,68 Bs.
Pressure Washer K 214

Pressure Washer K 214

1332,14 Bs.
Discount: -121,10 Bs.
3/8" x 50-ft Memory-Free Flex Industrial Air Hose

3/8" x 50-ft Memory-Free…

387,52 Bs.
Discount: 97,48 Bs.
Mechanics Socket Set – 52 Piece, 1/4 and 3/8 Inch Drive

Mechanics Socket Set – 5…

497,00 Bs.
Discount: -49,00 Bs.
TPO, TEO & PP Plastic Welding Kit

TPO, TEO & PP Plastic We…

1161,00 Bs.
Discount: -116,00 Bs.
Paint Mixing Cup Set 13 pc

Paint Mixing Cup Set 13 …

414,00 Bs.
Discount: -41,00 Bs.
Stud Welder Dent Pulling System

Stud Welder Dent Pulling…

4621,00 Bs.
Discount: -462,00 Bs.
Bead Roller Kit - with Mandrels

Bead Roller Kit - with M…

2417,00 Bs.
Discount: -242,00 Bs.
Cyclo Carpet Brush Pad 2 pack

Cyclo Carpet Brush Pad 2…

355,00 Bs.
Discount: -35,00 Bs.
Cyclo Wool Polishing Pad 2 pack

Cyclo Wool Polishing Pad…

99,00 Bs.
Discount: -10,00 Bs.
Cyclo Yellow Polishing Pad 2 pack

Cyclo Yellow Polishing P…

59,67 Bs.
Discount: 14,33 Bs.
Cyclo Model 5 Dual Orbital Heads Polisher

Cyclo Model 5 Dual Orbit…

6825,00 Bs.
Discount: -683,00 Bs.
Folding Portable Welding Table

Folding Portable Welding…

2666,00 Bs.
Discount: -267,00 Bs.
TIG Welder 200 Amp DC

TIG Welder 200 Amp DC

9953,00 Bs.
Discount: -996,00 Bs.
MIG Spot Weld Kit

MIG Spot Weld Kit

497,00 Bs.
Discount: -49,00 Bs.
3-in-1 Precision-Heat, Mini-Torch

3-in-1 Precision-Heat, M…

462,00 Bs.
Discount: -46,00 Bs.
9-in-1 Cordless Soldering Iron, Torch and Blower

9-in-1 Cordless Solderin…

462,00 Bs.
Discount: -46,00 Bs.
HVLP Paint Spray Gun - Eastwood Evolution

HVLP Paint Spray Gun - E…

1564,00 Bs.
Discount: -157,00 Bs.
Magna Stitcher Stapler for Stud Welders

Magna Stitcher Stapler f…

2310,00 Bs.
Discount: -231,00 Bs.
Pro Glass Polishing Kit for Deep Scratches

Pro Glass Polishing Kit …

1078,00 Bs.
Discount: -108,00 Bs.
Devilbiss Auto Paint and Touch-Up System

Devilbiss Auto Paint and…

3021,00 Bs.
Discount: -311,00 Bs.
TIG Wire ER70S-2 3/32-36in 1lb Tube

TIG Wire ER70S-2 3/32-36…

154,00 Bs.
Discount: -16,00 Bs.
Gas Regulator

Gas Regulator

426,00 Bs.
Discount: -42,00 Bs.
Welding Cart

Welding Cart

853,00 Bs.
Discount: -85,00 Bs.
Flux Core Wire 0.030"

Flux Core Wire 0.030"

503,00 Bs.
Discount: -50,00 Bs.
Multi-Unit Welding Cart - MIG TIG Plasma

Multi-Unit Welding Cart …

1279,00 Bs.
Discount: -128,00 Bs.
Kettle Stainless Steel Private collection TWK6801

Kettle Stainless Steel P…

727,45 Bs.
Discount: -66,13 Bs.
Coffee Maker Private collection TKA6621V

Coffee Maker Private col…

676,10 Bs.
Discount: -61,46 Bs.
Coffee Maker CompactClass TKA3A011

Coffee Maker CompactClas…

359,77 Bs.
Discount: -32,70 Bs.
Coffee Pot TKA1401V Bosch

Coffee Pot TKA1401V Bosc…

428,73 Bs.
Discount: -38,97 Bs.


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